FSUE RSC "Applied chemistry" Pilot Plant - from laboratory experiments up to projection and construction of large factories

The structure of our Centre allows solving any problems fully starting with calculations, experiments and pilot plants up to projection and construction of large-scale works, including their chemical and environmental safety. Our Centre collaborates with Academy of Sciences , with a high school science and in the first place develops science intensive technologies and creates closed production cycles. The enterprise collaborates with leading chemical firms and and has the long-term contracts on scientific researches, on projection and construction of chemical manufactures. The work is being fulfilled, together with Federal Agency on the Science and Innovations, Department of industry, science and technologies; Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation and Russian Airspace Agency on the following basic directions: chemistry and technology of fluorine-containing compounds, basic and delicate organic synthesis, products of inorganic synthesis, membranes, sorbents and catalysts of technological and ecological destination, especially pure substances, chemistry of high temperatures and pressure, chemical gas dynamics, laser chemistry, photochemistry; composite and polymeric materials, isotope-containing dispersible products; chemistry of defensive and space-rocket complex of , conversion of defensive science and production, utilization of products of military purpose; processes and instruments of chemical technology, creation scientific bases of flexible chemical productions on the basis of the block-module equipment, means of the control and automation; development of technologies, projection of chemical productions, manufacture of equipment and creation of pilot plants, engineering; information science in a chemical science and techniques', marketing, production of science intensive chemical products, training of the highly qualified scientific staff.

The General Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Russian Centre of Science "Applied chemistry "

Elena Kozlova